Research projects

1) Neuroproteomics: Description of the synaptic proteome and its plasticity

  • Changes in the synaptic proteome due to sleep deprivation
  • Characterizing of post translational modifications (glycosylation and phosphorylation) present in the synaptic proteome

2) Proteomics and glycoproteomics: Biochemical and clinical applications

  • Characterization of protein mixtures, body fluid and tissue proteomics. Protein sequencing and detection of native protein complexes. Development of novel experimental methodologies for proteomics
  • Glycobiology, analytical characterization of protein glycosylation, and changes in the glycosylation pattern; with focus on site specific N-glycosylation. Changes of glycosylation in pathological processes, development and application of glycosylation based tumor markers for cancer diagnosis
  • Proteomics of extracellular vesicles and exosomes

3) Basic research and (bio)informatics

  • Development and application of bioinformatics for evaluation of experimental results in biochemical and clinical proteomics (GlycoMiner & GlycoPattern)
  • Description fundamentals of tandem mass spectrometry; the role of energetics (MassKinetics)


Bruker Maxis II ETD Q-TOF mass spectrometer coupled to Thermo Dionex UltiMate 3000 nanoUPLC
Waters Q-TOF Premier mass spectrometer coupled to nanoAcquity UHPLC
Waters Micromass Quattro-micro mass spectrometer coupled to Acquity UPLC


The MS Proteomics Research group has various collaborations with universities and research groups in Hungary and abroad. We are also doing collaborative and contract research (structure analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis) for various companies.

Recent Publications


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