The main research field of the research group comprises the investigation and development of advanced functional and structural materials and material systems. We study the correlations among chemical composition, microstructure, properties as well as processing of structural and functional materials. We direct special interest to the synthesis, properties and applications of nanodispersed systems, nanocomposites, functional nanoparticles , core-shell structured particles, nanotubes and microspheres. In addition to conventional chemical preparative methods, novel plasma chemical techniques for material synthesis are also intensively studied .

Our research is also aiming at revealing the correlation between surface properties and chemical composition of condensed materials. We investigate the modification of surface properties of organic and inorganic substrates by modifying the surface chemical structure using various plasmachemical methods (magnetron spraying, PIII and FAB surface treatments) as well as by preparing micro and nanolayers (plasma spraying).

Beyond material synthesis, we also study the possible role of plasma chemistry and thermal plasmas in environmental protection. We study thermal plasma processing for destruction and reutilization of environmentally hazardous wastes and industrial by-products. We also contribute to the implementation of waste processing plasma-based plants.


Zoltán Károly