Research topics

Development of MEMS technology-based neural sensors is one of the Group of Integrative Neuroscience’s main research topics. In order to reduce the impedance of recording electrodes and improve the signal-to-noise ratio of brain electric recordings, surface enhancement methods are under development by the group. In addition, new polymer based brain multielectrodes are also being developed and can be reproducibly batch fabricated with high yield. The new devices enable higher precision and more reliable brain electric recordings.

The other main topic of the research group is the investigation of hippocampal oscillations in animal and human brain tissue. They use a wide spectrum of investigation methods: extracellular local field potential, single and multiple unit and also intracellular recordings are performed, along with the most modern two-photon imaging and histology techniques. The aim of the studies is the deeper understanding of brain electric activities characteristic to the healthy and pathological brain tissue, which can contribute to the development of new epilepsy therapies.

Related to these investigations, in cooperation with the National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, they record brain electric activity from humans intraoperatively to compare it with the results of in vitro measurements. They also cooperate with the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University to develop an EEG-based (non-invasive) brain-computer interface device equipped with feedback for human use.

Their main international cooperation is in the Neuroseeker EU FP 7 project, where they test the biocompatibility and in vivo performance of chronically implanted polymer-based deep brain electrodes, validate high spatial resolution, high channel count silicon based multielectrodes in vivo and also validate the devices developed for optogenetic experiments both in vitro and in vivo.

Current grants

Nemzeti Agykutatási Program: Ulbert István

EU FP7 Neuroseeker: Ulbert István

MTA Fiatal Kutatók Támogatása: Horváth Domonkos

MTA Fiatal Kutatók Támogatása: Márton Gergely

TTK Fiatal Kutatók Támogatása: Fiáth Richárd





IMTEK, Freiburg, Németország

IMEC, Leuven, Belgium


István Ulbert