Research topics

Sleep is a general, indispensable phenomenon, that has a role in maintaining the homeostasis of neurons, as well as in the consolidation of memory traces. Depending on the level of sleep, EEG is dominated by various rhythms. Sleep spindles are 10-15 Hz, 1-3 s long transient oscillations, mainly prevalent during stage 2. sleep, their density correlates with several cognitive and memory parameters.

Our group studies the generation and functional significance of these oscillations on single cell  and population levels. Amongs our weaponry are silicon probe recordings, capable of monitoring the simultaneous activity of multiple single neurons, optogenetic techniques used to activate / inactivate selected cell types, also analysis and modelling of the obtained data.

Current grants

KTIA-NAP13-2-2014-0016  Population activity in the thalamocortical system during sleep spindle oscillations

K119650 Role of cortical feedback in thalamocortical activity


Lóránd Péter Barthó