Materials- and environmental chemistry

Study of the system of relationship between chemical structure, the microstructure, properties and methods of production in the case of functional and structural materials as models; research in surface chemistry: study of the methods of production and properties of micro- and nanostructural surface layers and coatings; research of heterogeneous catalysts and catalytic reactions using the same; research of environmental chemical processes; research for the chemical and technological foundation of environmental technologies; research of renewable energy sources and novel methods of energy storage and conversion; operation of the infrastructure for the research of chemical and material structural properties in the field of technical physics and materials science; basic and applied research and experimental development in the field of material science, and within that in the areas of nanostructures and nanotechnology, thin-film structures, photonics and non-destructive characterisation, microtechnology and device integration, as well as technical physics; creation of materials and devices of required structure and function, as well as exploration of the scientific foundations of related procedures.


Basic research and experimental development in the field of natural sciences, in certain areas of biology (biophysics, biochemistry, enzymology, genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, membrane biology), functional genomics, bioinformatics, structural biophysics. Chemical, biochemical and physiological research (analytical, physical and theoretical), for the purpose of pharmaceutical development; research of the structure and functioning of target molecules; biochemical, molecular biological and functional examination of biological membranes; analysis of the transport, interaction, metabolism and toxic effects of drugs; molecular and cellular level diagnostic, pharmacological and toxicological research; research in the fields of stem cell biology and nanomedicine; development and application of molecular-level biological imaging systems; operation of infrastructure for the research of chemical structure and in vivo cellular analysis and imaging.

Cognitive neuroscience and psychology

Research in the field of experimental psychology; neurophysiology; functional anatomy of the nervous system; psychophysiology; comparative psychophysiology; developmental psychophysiology; comparative behavioural study; social developmental psychology; social psychology; cultural psychology.

Organic chemistry

Research in synthetic chemistry, primarily aimed at working out new methods of synthesising pharmaceutical agents or valuable structural materials, with special emphasis on the synthesis of new heterocyclic molecules and natural organic materials (e.g. carbohydrates, alkaloids, biopolymers, etc.); the elaboration of new methods of synthesis, as well as the study of supramolecular chemical (self-organizing) systems and theoretical chemical research (modelling of molecules, dynamic simulations, quantum chemical research, etc.); the operation of infrastructure for the research of chemical structure.