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HUN-REN RCNS hosts the BIOEAST Bioeconomy Conference 

On 6-7 March, ÖMKI, BME, and HUN-REN Research Centre for Natural Sciences (HUN-REN RCNS) are hosting a major international bioeconomy conference at the HUN-REN RCNS in Budapest, Hungary. The event will highlight current issues on the development of the bioeconomy in Central and Eastern Europe through presentations and workshop sessions, in the context of BIOEAST's medium-term plans and the upcoming Hungarian EU [...]

2024. February 19.|Recent News|

Gergely Rona receives EMBO Installation Grant

EMBO announced that ten life scientists have been awarded EMBO Installation Grants, which support group leaders who will move to, or have recently moved to, countries participating in the scheme. The scientists’ inspiring research spans a wide range of biological processes: ageing, tumour biology, gut-brain axis communication, microbiota and gene [...]

2024. January 16.|Recent News|

Mutational signatures help to understand the biology of cancer

Next generation DNA sequencing technologies have enabled the genome sequencing of an increasing number of tumour samples in recent years. A recently published UK study presents data on more than 12,000 tumour genomes, providing detailed analysis of mutations found in the cancer samples (Degasperi, 2022). Dávid Szüts, research group leader [...]

2022. April 22.|Recent News|
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