Working for MTA’s Centre for Natural Sciences Péter Vancsó, whose findings add to moving towards the all-out practical application of graphene, has published a paper creating wide ranging interest. The paper was published in the prestigious Carbon journal last October on modelling the structure and the electronic properties of graphene GBs (grain boundaries), and saw nearly 700 downloads by the end of the year.

„It is somewhat unusual, even in very dynamically developing fields of science such as graphene research, to see such a heightened interest in a publication. Working under the supervision of Géza Márk of the Nanostructure Groupat MTA Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science (ITK MFA,) PhD student Péter Vancsó was advised at the beginning of February that his paper published in October 2013 in Carbon, the leading journal dedicated to carbon based materials, had been downloaded by 683 readers until the end of December,” Péter László Bíró, a corresponding member of MTA and the head of the nanostructure team of MTA ITK MFA told

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