The Functional Interfaces Research Group and the Biological Nanochemistry Research Group of the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry of RCNS are part of an international collaboration „Biosensor Surface Innovators” with the University of Toronto and Comenius University Bratislava, which has been awarded the 2023 Analytical Science Horizon Prize: Robert Boyle Prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

The Prize recognises the design, development and bioanalytical application of an ultra-high frequency acoustic wave device (EMPAS) for the antifouling-based detection of biological species in complex media such as serum. 

With this prize, the Royal Society of Chemistry is recognising individuals, collaborations and teams for their exceptional achievements in advancing the chemical sciences.

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Prof. Michael Thompson (University of Toronto) will give a lecture entitled „Engineering anti-fouling surface chemistry for theranostics: from early stage cancer detection to biocompatible medical devices” on 25 July 2023 at the Research Centre for Natural Sciences.