The 21th session of the French-Hungarian Inter-governmental Joint Committee on Science & Technology (S&T) was held on April 4th 2014 in Budapest.

The visiting French delegation was led by Dr. Sylvette TOURMENTE representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Mr. Philippe CHASSAIGNE from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) together with Ms. Ildikó PUSZTAI, assistant for cooperation at the Embassy of the Republic of France.

The Hungarian delegation was composed of Dr. Ildikó KOVÁCS, head of the Department for International Affairs and Mr. Zoltán FODOR counsellor for International Affairs of the Hungarian National Innovation Office (NIO), Ms. Szilvia SZÁNTÓ, attaché for Science and Technology at the Hungarian Embassy in Paris, Mr. Mihály András BEKE representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ms. Cecilia NAGY representing the Ministry of Human Resources.

External presentations were held by Mr. Bálint FODOR, researcher of the Institute for Technical Physics and Material Science of the Research Centre for Natural Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences concerning their best practice experience within the framework of the PHC Balaton program.